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We used to do Ashtanga Yoga teacher trainings, but we have concluded that we reach better results when we train Ashtanga Yoga teachers in a more traditional way, where the personal practice, under our guidance, is in the center of the process. If that interests you, join our workshops and our weekly classes to get started with that.

But there are also other possible paths...

Fullvinyasa is a yoga concept that I created in 2018. It is a dynamic yoga class with a set sequence of 21 sitting poses (in addition to a set standing sequence and finishing). The sequence of poses is set, but the trainer leading the class has the possibility to create a multitude of different types of classes, from the same set of poses. This method gives two benefits: familiarity (you learn and don't have to think too much) and novelty (each class can have some variety).

Check out one of countless of possibilities on how to build up a Fullvinyasa class, below, in the HOW section.

The 'Fullvinyasa' concept is inspired by the traditional 'full vinyasa' method from Ashtanga Yoga, in regards of the movement system. All sitting poses start from standing and finishes there. In the "Halfvinyasa" classes I use the same asana sequence with less movement. In Ashtanga Yoga, we very seldom use the original "full vinyasa" method, and most Ashtangis haven't even tried it. A normal Ashtanga class is a half vinyasa class. I have tried a bit, and I like it, and that was the reason I came up with this type of a concept. Fullvinyasa, is the ultimate vinyasa class. :)

Me teaching in a yoga workshop in Bali.
Me teaching in a yoga workshop in Bali.


How I build the class

In this picture (above), you can see just one of the numerous ways a 75-minute class can be put together. This is missing the sun salutation sequence, standing sequence and the finishing, which can be replaced with a yin(ish) type ending. In the training course for this concept class, we go through how it's really done. 

How I use the concept

I use the same concept in all of my HotFlow and HotYoga classes in Esport Center. I use the Fullvinyasa concept in the flow classes and the easier "Halfvinyasa" version in my regular, not so "flow-y" classes. Basically one can use this concept in all the different vinyasa/flow/basic yoga classes. 

How to become a trainer

If you are interested of this concept, as a way to begin your path as a yoga trainer, or as an additional tool to your toolbox, use the contact form to write me and I will send more information about the details. 

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