breathe, move, repeat...

At the moment I'm teaching classes in Helsinki, Finland, in Esport Bristol and Esport Aalto health studios. I used to teach in my own yoga school in Tallinn, in 'Ashtanga Yoga School of Tallinn' (the first Ashtanga school in Estonia, est 2007), but since autumn of 2018, I decided to start teaching in a different type of set up, and have really enjoyed it a lot. 

Currently, I teach from Monday evening to Thursday evening. My weekly schedule, which you can find below, consists of Ashtanga Yoga, HotFlow, HotYoga and Yin yoga classes. In my Ashtanga classes I teach modified 1st and 2nd series, and in the HotFlow and HotYoga classes I use a Fullvinyasa (and Halfvinyasa) concept, which I created in 2018. More information about that concept can be found in the Become a trainer page.


17:35 Ashtanga Yoga (75 min) - Esport Aalto

19:00 HotYin (75 min) - Esport Aalto


7:30 HotFlow (60 min) - Esport Aalto

16:25 Ashtanga Yoga (75 min) - Esport Bristol

17:45 HotYoga (60 min) - Esport Bristol


7:15 HotFlow (60 min) - Esport Bristol

16:40 Ashtanga Yoga (75 min) - Esport Aalto

18:00 HotYin (75 min) - Esport Aalto

19:20 HotYoga (60 min) - Esport Aalto


7:30 HotYoga (60 min) - Esport Aalto

17:30 HotYoga (60 min) - Esport Bristol

18:35 Ashtanga (60 min) - Esport Bristol

19:40 HotYin (75 min) - Esport Bristol