In Koskenpää, Central Finland

Our Ooom Yoga small-group workshops, done in my home in the forest of Koskenpää, is a dream come through for me and my wife Terje Hakman-Salokorpi. In these workshops we dive deep into the practice and into the self. Combining our know-how of yoga, pranayama, and meditation with the psycho-spiritual approach of Holistic Therapy, a method Terje uses in her daily therapy practice in Estonia.

The School of Riihijärvi

Our workshop center is located in the middle of nowhere, 40 km away from Jämsä. The house was built in 1927 and it functioned as a school from 1928 to 1965. We are extremely happy to bring students back to this school, now just with a slightly different curriculum. :)

Welcome to our sanctuary.

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